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PortaBote Supports GB Olympic Canoe Sprint Squad

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The GB Canoeing Team needed an additional coaching/rescue boat to support their team training activities in advance of the London Olympic Games back in 2012. They decided on a 14’ PortaBote which they use with an 8hp outboard engine during their pre-Olympics training.
The Team’s National Performance Coach told us, “…here’s a picture of the boat in action. The PortaBote has worked out really well and is perfect for what we need…..”
That particular PortaBote was later shipped to Brazil and the coaches used it to help the team prepare for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
British Canoeing have since taken delivery of an additional PortaBote to use at Downey Lake and on the Thames

**STOP PRESS** - PortaBote for Flood Support!!

Already used extensively for rescue work in the US, Japan and now in the UK. The lightweight, tough, durable and puncture proof, PortaBote provides a safe and secure means of accessing and working on flooded waters. The PortaBote is easily assembled within minutes and does NOT need a pump or a puncture repair kit.

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It can be motored by a small outboard engine, or electric thruster, and is lighter to row or tow than any similar sized aluminium, fibreglass or wooden boats. It can be used for rescuing people and dry transport of relief goods and other items
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If you need a PortaBote urgently for your flood relief and support work, contact 07768 600595 immediately

Australian Rescue Services

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This is a PortaBote being used to access "impossible" waterways surrounded by high mountains in Australia. An inflatable would have easily been punctured, and ordinary aluminium and fibreglass boats are just too heavy.
PortaBotes are also used by other military and rescue groups for similar applications where nothing else will do!!

Fire and Rescue

Officers of Green Watch from Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service recently put their new PortaBote through its paces at Abbey Falls, Barnard Castle. The PB was generously donated to them by the Rotary Club of Derwentside, and several of its members were on hand to see the boat being tested,
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The Watch Commander said the PortaBote will fit in with their overall strategy as a ‘tow’ boat in flood situations, as it was ideal for transporting those unfortunate members of the public who found themselves trapped by rising flood waters. Because of the PortaBote's shallow draught and lightness, it's easier to pull across the water than their inflatable dingy. He also felt it would be better for the more elderly being rescued, as they would be far more comfortable sitting on the seat than in the bottom of a rubber dingy!
The PortaBote will form part of their nation wide response team in the event of major flooding, as it could be rapidly deployed to any location if needed.

Storm in Honduras

[Email received from customer]
".....big storm happened last month in the bay island north of Honduras. Unfortunately, I lost my sailboat, but my indestructible porta-bote dinghy survived. During the storm, I used my porta-bote to rescue people on other sailboats. Another inflatable dinghy with a15hp outboard just filled too much on the top of the giant waves, but not my porta-bote. It was glued to the seawater with her 4hp, 4 stroke, Suzuki. I was impressed by her manoeuvrability. Definitively a must on sailboat. I love this porta-bote......."

PortaBotes Rise to New Heights!!

In 2001, a team from the RAF set out to climb Mount Everest. The intention of the expedition was to climb Everest via the North Ridge in Tibet - the route followed by Mallory and Irvine. Before the expedition started, we received a letter from the team leader, Flt Lt Ted Atkins of the RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team.
Here’s an extract from Ted’s letter;
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"......it was good to speak to you at the Scottish Game Fair and I was glad for the opportunity to look over your remarkable boats. As I said at the time, I am the leader of an RAF expedition to climb Mount Everest.
One of the problems that I'm warned to encounter during our time on Everest is crossing a glacial melt lake late in the season between Base Camp and Advance Base Camp. The lake is very high - approximately 20,000 feet, so taking a lightweight craft would be highly desirable......."

The expedition team subsequently used an 8’ PortaBote on the mountain to cross the melted glacier. This is a World record and it was achieved in a PortaBote!!.

(Check out this press release)

The World’s Smallest Survey Boat

Leeds - UK - British Waterways Technical Services took delivery of a new hydrographic survey boat specially designed for use in very shallow water and in areas where access is difficult.
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One of the Hydrographic Surveyors from British Waterways Technical Services said, "For many years we have prided ourselves on being able to survey nearly anywhere on the canal system, but recently requests have come from clients asking for surveys in remote reservoirs and on canals where access is unavailable from the towpath. We needed a rugged boat that could be carried to remote sites or lowered down banks but at the same time was easily transportable. The PortaBote can be carried on a roof rack and can be assembled and ready to go on the water within 10 minutes.”